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About Chris Villemarette

When it comes to your legal matters, experience matters. As a highly respected attorney with deep roots in Lafayette, Louisiana, I, Chris Villemarette, bring invaluable practical trial experience to the table, ensuring that you achieve favorable results. With a legal career spanning since 1994, I have established a reputation built on:

Diligent and Detail-Oriented Service: Employing my extensive knowledge and exceptional problem-solving skills, I diligently navigate the intricacies of each case, leaving no stone unturned. From conducting thorough investigations to passionately representing clients in negotiations, mediations, courtrooms, and even appeals, I handle all aspects personally, ensuring the best possible outcome.

A Legacy of Success: Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to providing skilled courtroom representation. Notably, several of my reported cases have resulted in landmark decisions that have played a significant role in shaping the Louisiana legal landscape. This track record of success demonstrates my unwavering commitment to achieving justice for my clients.

Unleashing Your Potential to Prevail in Any Dispute

I began my legal journey working alongside the esteemed litigator J. Minos Simon, where I honed my skills in effective advocacy, both in trials and other legal arenas. Today, I proudly carry forward this legacy, integrating the following practices into my approach:

Thorough Trial Preparation: While not all cases proceed to trial, I approach every case with meticulous preparation. By treating each one as if it were headed to trial, I send a clear message to insurance companies, prosecutors, and opposing parties that my clients and I mean business.

Aggressive Trial Advocacy: Fearlessly taking on even the most complex cases, I have fearlessly challenged major insurance corporations, national retailers and manufacturers, government agencies, the state of Louisiana, and local law enforcement officials. I relentlessly pursue justice for those whose lives have been affected by negligence. Additionally, I provide dedicated representation for individuals facing contested divorces and custody disputes.

Let Me Be Your Trusted Guide through Legal Challenges

If you have suffered a personal injury or the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, rest assured that I will tirelessly fight for your right to maximum compensation. Moreover, I offer skilled representation in divorce, child custody matters, and criminal defense.

To discover how I can assist you as your Louisiana trial attorney, contact me, Chris Villemarette, through this website. Take the first step by calling 337-232-3100 or completing a simple online form to request a consultation. Together, we will overcome any legal hurdle you face, with your best interests at heart.


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