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Navigating the emotional and financial complexities of divorce can be overwhelming, whether it is expected or whether it catches you by surprise. My name is Chris Villemarette. As an experienced divorce lawyer in Lafayette, I have been representing people with these troubling issues. I am here to provide you with guidance and legal expertise that you can trust in order to forge a path for your future.

Whether you have a contested or uncontested divorce, we can assist you.

When you are facing divorce, important questions arise such as:

How will assets like the marital home, vehicles, household possessions, and bank accounts be divided?

What happens to retirement accounts, investment properties, and business interests?

What property division will be approved by the court?

What custody plans will be approved by a family law judge?

Even if you and your spouse initially agree on the terms of your divorce, disagreements may surface along the way. Whether your divorce remains amicable or becomes contentious, it is crucial to have an experienced and reliable attorney by your side who can provide you with sound legal advice and support.

Why Choose Me As Your Lafayette Divorce Lawyer?

With the exception of my college years in a neighboring state, I have dedicated my life and career to Lafayette. I deeply care about our community and consider it an honor to assist families in navigating the challenging divorce process with decisiveness and respect. As a skilled litigator, I am always prepared to vigorously advocate for my clients.

My background in accounting, coupled with my legal expertise, allows me to offer comprehensive assistance to individuals and couples in dividing their assets. I understand the importance of considering various factors in property division, such as:

  1. Tax implications and advantages
  2. Health and health insurance coverage
  3. Maintaining a reasonable standard of living for you and your children
  4. Fairness when one spouse has contributed significantly to the other’s education or professional endeavors

We are often able to resolve matters prior to trial through negotiation and mediation. Divorce mediation, in particular, offers a private and flexible alternative that can promote civil dialogue and facilitate co-parenting arrangements in the best interests of your children.

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To schedule a consultation with an attorney experienced in divorce and child custody matters, reach out to my law office via email or call 337-232-3100. I am here to support you as you navigate the complexities of divorce and secure a brighter future.

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