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If you’re a cyclist, you know that cycling can be an excellent form of exercise. It’s also a great recreational activity and good for transportation. As with many things in life, cycling can and does come with risks that you should be aware of. It’s important that you adhere to the laws specific to the state, and you still need to be aware that a car crash can happen at any time. When an accident happens, you want to know that you’ve got your own Lafayette bicycle accident lawyer ready to defend you.

Why Choose Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer, for Your Bike Accident Case?

With nearly 30 years of trial experience, Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer, takes your concerns seriously and is prepared to defend you if you are injured while cycling due to another person’s negligence. This can be an incredibly stressful time for you and your loved ones, and our firm can offer you the support and assistance you need. We’ve been able to recover over $60 million for our clients, and we are prepared to get you the compensation you deserve.

We have a success rate of over 95%, which means that our aggressive approach to legal representation works for our clients. With a straightforward strategy, we can help you get the financial security that you deserve.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and record of success, and our firm in Lafayette, LA can confidently assert your interests in court. Our team knows how stressful the recovery process can be, especially if you’re dealing with the pain and suffering, or even the death, of a loved one from a bike accident. We can fight relentlessly for you, making sure that you get the maximum amount of the compensation you deserve.

What are the Laws for Bicycles in Lafayette, LA?

There are certain laws of the road that cyclists must follow, much like those operating motor vehicles. It’s a legal requirement that bikes and automobiles share the road. This means that trucks and cars need to do their utmost to pay attention to cyclists.

First, anyone riding a bike under the age of 12 is required to wear a helmet for their protection. Additionally, those under 12 are allowed to use the sidewalk, but anyone older must use the street or road. Bike lanes are to be used if available, and trucks and cars are not to use these lanes.

Cyclists should understand that it’s vital that they signal their intentions for their safety. Just like trucks and cars should signal when changing lanes, or planning on making turns, so too should cyclists. This alerts others of your intentions and allows them to adjust accordingly, preventing a car accident. The hand signals for cyclists are as follows:

  • For right turns, the left arm is extended, with bent elbow and hand pointing upward.
  • For left turns, the left arm is extended out straight.

These signals are simple to perform, and they can make all the difference when protecting your safety. A bicyclist should have enough control over their bike that they can perform these signals when needed.

Bicycle Safety in Lafayette, LA

Louisiana is frequently rated one of the most dangerous states for cyclists, and this is due to several factors. First, drunk driving is unfortunately very common in the state, especially during holidays and other seasonal events. Second, some drivers aren’t happy with bicycles sharing the road.

This can lead to these motorists feeling like they don’t need to care about their safety. Third is the fact that bicycles can be ridden comfortably nearly all year long. This leaves more time for accidents to happen. Finally, there is little infrastructure for roads that are safe for bicycles. This is dangerous, as there’s not adequate space on the roads for bicycles, cars, and trucks to share.

Injuries From Bicycle Accidents in Lafayette, LA

Injuries from bicycle accidents can manifest with a wide range of severity. While some people are lucky enough to escape nearly unscathed, or with just a bruise or two, others aren’t always as lucky. Serious injury, or even the unfortunate loss of life, can result from an accident. This is an incredibly devastating time.

Some injuries may never heal, and you can experience chronic conditions that can disable you, changing your entire life. The more serious the accident, the more difficulties you’ll likely experience throughout your life. When you’re left with severe injuries, an experienced lawyer is your most effective asset during your case. A skilled Lafayette bicycle accident lawyer may help you get the compensation you desperately deserve at what is, undoubtedly, a trying time.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Lafayette Bicycle Accidents?

Gaining due compensation after a crash can be incredibly stressful. You should be focusing on your recovery during this crucial time rather than being anxious about representing yourself in court.

You may think that all the details of your case are straightforward and that representing yourself is an easy option. This is usually not the case, though, as fighting against insurance companies and at-fault parties requires a detailed understanding of laws and court precedents.

Having legal support during this time allows you to focus on healing and getting your life back. A skilled private attorney can offer an individualized approach to your case that aims to help you recoup your losses.

When you’re facing the difficulties of a serious bicycle collision, recovery can be a long process, especially without the support of a competent personal injury attorney. Legal representation can help you get the maximum compensation for your situation, making sure that you can take the adequate time that you need to heal.

Proving Fault for Bike Accidents in Lafayette, LA

It’s vital that fault can be shown during the court process. While many may make an assumption that the cyclist is at fault, this is often not the case. Frequently, the vehicle operator has caused the accident, whether through direct action or negligence.

The last thing on your mind after an accident might be taking pictures, but they can be crucial in proving fault. If you can, taking pictures of the damages from a few angles can be helpful for your case. Your Lafayette bicycle accident lawyer can investigate your case, using the images you may have from the accident.

Accidents between a bike and an automobile can occur in many of the same ways that accidents with two motor vehicles can happen. If you were sure to follow the rules of the road at the time of the accident, the other party is likely to have been at fault. A police report and eyewitness testimony can help prove the veracity of your claims, protecting you in your time of need.

What You Can Expect From Your Lafayette Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Knowing whether hiring an attorney will be useful can be tricky. It may seem like a large expense initially, and you may believe that it won’t pay off. This is often a misunderstanding, and an accomplished attorney may help you get the compensation you desperately need.


Is a Truck or Car Always at Fault for an Accident?

While cars and trucks are frequently at fault for bicycle injuries, bikes can also be at fault if the cyclist wasn’t following the rules of the road at the time of the accident. With photos, eyewitness testimony, and the police report, it’s possible to prove that a given party is at fault for an incident.

How Much Can I Expect to Win in My Case?

There are several factors that will determine the amount of compensation you can receive after an accident. This can include the extent of the injury, meeting the burden of proof, lost wages, and much more. The willingness of insurance companies to pay their obligations is also a key factor. Skilled legal representation allows you the opportunity to recoup as much as possible for your losses.

What Should I Do If I’m in a Bicycle Accident?

Bike accidents are stressful times, and it can be hard to keep cool when something like this happens. First, it’s absolutely critical that you don’t panic. Then, you need to contact 911 so that they can make sure to assess any injuries. If you can get somewhere safer while you wait for first responders to arrive, then do so. If possible, take photos of the accident and collect insurance information from the other party.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Bicycle Accident?

While it’s absolutely possible to represent yourself, having a Lafayette bicycle accident lawyer helps you protect your interests. A lawyer is an excellent resource during a difficult time, and they can advocate for you when you need it the most. A lawyer can help you get the maximum financial compensation possible in your situation.

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If you’ve experienced the difficulty of a bicycle crash and are in need of competent and compassionate legal representation, the law firm of Chris Villemarette, Trial Lawyer, has both the experience and knowledge to represent you and aggressively seek compensation for your injury. Having the skills of an effective injury lawyer can allow you to get the resources you need. Reach out to us today and give us the opportunity to represent you.

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