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I retained Chris to assist with some personal civil matters. In our initial consultation he was excellent in listening and understanding the circumstances and gave his time ly and without consideration of billing minutes as do most attorneys. He offered several possible courses of action and once a plan was agreed upon, he executed flawlessly. I was kept apprised throughout the entire process and he did achieve the desired outcome.

Both he and his staff were excellent and I would strongly recommend him for legal consultation and representation.

GC Bank

Chris is very experienced and has helped me in more ways than one. His knowledge of the Law and willingness to go the extra mile , as well as being very understanding about the importance of helping people has separated him from the rest and made him my choice amongst others. I’m very grateful to have had him as my attorney and strongly recommend him to anyone in need of a great attorney.

Tommey Hueser

Chris Villemarette, and his firm, were amazing in being so responsive and on top of every step, including involving me in all the stages of the case as well as to check on my well-being. Every time I called he would picked up personally. I will keep him in mind with any further endeavors and recommend him to all my friends and family. He was great help with all of the little details. Throughout, he maintained consistent with communication and delegating me the correct approach to my case. He was always friendly and professional and ready to answer all of my questions. He was even willing to provide me with outside advice and I truly appreciate it. His attention to my case has allowed me to focus on what’s important. Chris’s sincerity, empathy and commitment to advocating on my behalf were apparent. I can’t thank you enough for the outcome of my case!

Kristin Folse

In my personal affairs and business, Chris and his office was not only extremely knowledgeable, but they were highly sensitive to the fact that it was proving to be a traumatic experience for all involved. Chris would ‘check in’ with me and make sure that I knew what was happening at all times and if I needed anything.
His legal representation restored my faith in the justice system and in myself. If you’re seeking legal help in family and in business law, call Chris today. Trust me, he is the man you want standing by your side not against you.

Nicole Mirza

Chris Villemarette, represented me in a civil matter. His hard work and diligence gave me the outcome I expected. Chris advocated on my behalf in every way possible. Chris was loyal and dedicated to my case at all given time. If ever you need legal representation do not hesitate to contact Mr. Chris Villemarette.

Mary St.julien

I myself am a retired attorney. During my career, I have had the opportunity to observe Chris’ work in a variety of legal contexts. Without reservation, I recommend Chris for high quality legal representation; particularly in the fields of personal injury, family law and estate planning.

Rodney Simon

Mr. Villemarette is an excellent attorney. He is compassionate, hard-working, and intelligent and will go the “extra mile” to provide fair and honest representation He did and excellent job in my custody case and all my other cases I had with him

Michael Moody

I retained Chris to collaborate on various documents for my businesses. Chris and his firm handled everything in a timely and professional manner. Chris’ understanding and advise is grounded in years of experience and dedication to his profession. I look forward to working with Chris and his firm on future endeavors.

Debbie Fontenot

So I never had a need for a lawyer in my life until my world started burning, i can honestly say i’m not sure where i would be today without the help on Mr. Villemartte. Although this was an extremely emotional experience for me and my family, Mr. Villemartte stayed the course and worked really hard to make sure i was treated fairly. if you are looking for representation for any legal needs i highly recommend Mr. Villemartte.

Victor Simon

I have used Chris a few times he has always done a great job he cares about the people he is representing I would highly recommend Chris

Jeff Wilks

Chris was highly recommended and he stood up to the recommendation. I am very pleased.

Curby Mclendon

Mr. Villemarette is an excellent attorney. He is compassionate, hard-working, and intelligent and will go the “extra mile” to provide fair and honest representation.

El Gemelo

He is a wonderful advisor and friend

Gwen Jones

Very good family lawyer

Trey Cormier

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